I began programming when I was in third grade and haven’t stopped since! Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on.

Alif Aleph

I’ve been interested in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict for a while, and one of the most pressing issues I’ve seen is that the two sides don’t or can’t talk with one another. I’m building this online forum to help solve that problem, and to help people around the world learn from the experiences of both sides. Check out the temporary website.


I began working on this indoor navigation app with entrepreneur Zachary Fishbein in Spring 2015. Zachary mapped the interior of McKeldin Library while I coded the app, and we released the first version for iPhone in the fall. Check out the app in the App Store or press about it (first article, second article, and third article).


Since I first entered my school’s science fair in seventh grade, I’ve been interested in scientific research, particularly in the area of computational linguistics. Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on.


As part of the Gemstone Honors Program at the University of Maryland, I’m working on a three year research project with a team of eleven other students. Our research focuses on exploring the differences across the various language editions of Wikipedia; we’re hoping to automatically quantify these differences using techniques from computational linguistics. Check the team’s website!

Cross-lingual connotation

I began working on research with Professor Marine Carpuat during my second year of college. We are examining unsupervised methods for building connotation lexicons in a variety of languages, and we plan to use this data to examine the effect of language and translation on connotation.

What’s Your Problem

In my junior and senior years of high school, I worked on this science fair project which ultimately won multiple awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. My project attempted to automatically summarize research papers by examining the open problems that they discussed.


I play classical and jazz piano as a soloist, accompanist, or in groups! I play parties and receptions—contact me if you’d like to arrange a gig. Also check out my band, Midnight Madness, and my SoundCloud.