Cassidy Laidlaw

I’m a first-year PhD student studying computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m interested in human-AI cooperation, learning human preferences, and robustness in machine learning. I received my BS in computer science and mathematics from the University of Maryland in 2018. My PhD is currently funded by a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship.

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Publications and Preprints

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Learning the Preferences of Uncertain Humans with Inverse Decision Theory

Cassidy Laidlaw and Stuart Russell. arXiv Preprint 2021.

Perceptual Adversarial Robustness: Defense Against Unseen Threat Models

Cassidy Laidlaw, Sahil Singla, and Soheil Feizi. ICLR 2021.

Functional Adversarial Attacks

Cassidy Laidlaw and Soheil Feizi. NeurIPS 2019.

Capture, Learning, and Synthesis of 3D Speaking Styles

Daniel Cudeiro*, Timo Bolkart*, Cassidy Laidlaw, Anurag Ranjan, and Michael Black. CVPR 2019.

Playing it Safe: Adversarial Robustness with an Abstain Option

Cassidy Laidlaw and Soheil Feizi. arXiv Preprint 2019.