Cassidy Laidlaw

Freelance AI, mobile apps, & web development

Hi, I’m Cassidy

I’m a freelance software developer and consultant living in the Washington, DC area. I leverage the latest web development, mobile app, and machine learning technologies to help my clients in business or government.

Check out some past projects I’ve worked on. Before I started freelancing full-time, I attended the University of Maryland, where I was honored as one of the top five students in my graduating class. I’ve also done computer vision research at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. When I’m not tinkering with an app or reading up on the latest AI research, you can find me playing jazz piano and cycling.

Past Projects

Here are some companies and organizations I have had the pleasure of working with in the past few years.

Why Weight?

Why Weight is a New Jersey-based weight loss and life coaching company. I built iOS and Android apps using React Native to help their clients keep track of their weight, log their food and water intake, and communicate with life coaches.

view the app on Google Play or the iOS App Store.


START is a national anti-terrorism consortium affiliated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. I worked on a few projects for them, including building the frontend in JavaFX for a tool that analyzes airport cargo systems for insider threats.

see START’s website.


Builda is a startup that provides an online platform to facilitate mentoring relationships. I built their platform in Django, incorporated payment processing with Braintree, integrated with the LinkedIn API, and deployed it using AWS.

explore Builda’s landing page.

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